History of D. T. E.
The DTE Fighting System is the result of a journey that has been traveled for over 40 years beginning with Master Martin Torres, the Chief Instructor and Founder of the Direct Torres Extreme Fighting System, at the age of 7 with the influence of his older brother. Watching the things his incredibly skilled brother could do always caught the attention of young Martin and made him dream of one day being a great martial artist in his own right, which is when he decided to begin his journey into the world of Martial Arts.
Over the years Master Torres has had the opportunity to train with many excellent teachers and martial artists, as well as, the chance to extensively learn, train in and understand multiple disciplines. These disciplines include many styles in the Filipino Martial Arts, Combat Judo, Jujitsu, Western Wrestling, Western Boxing, Muay Thai (old and new style), Ed Parkers Kenpo Karate and several styles of Kung Fu, including; Wing Chun, White Crane, Lama, Chen Style Tai Chi and Chinese Style Military Combatives.
Where Martin might have started training in these arts, like many others, looking to master all of the cool techniques they had to offer, his outlook changed as he grew. This in part may have been facilitated by the first real loss he suffered as a child by a boy who studied a different art. After noticing his extreme lack of enjoyment of the event, he decided that is was time for a paradigm shift in his approach to his training. He realized that although he would master many, many techniques in his martial arts training, he made it his goal to always look past the technique into the Real World usefulness of it. He would always pick the instructor that had the ability to “Make it work” in the real world as opposed to just “Make it look good”, always asking to be shown the stuff that “Worked”.
Over the years, Master Torres developed his own way of doing things based on his training, his real world experience and the deeper understanding he gained from those experiences. Having the ability to see the deeper meaning behind the general technique and realizing the need to trim the excess from the often elongated tactics of many martial arts, he, with the support of his loving wife Cindy, developed the D.T.E. Fighting System. In the 20 plus years since the start of the D.T.E. Fighting System, Master Torres has taught Law Inforcement,Military Personel, Professional Fighters and Civilians, as well as, children. He has also, over the years, coached and cornered multiple winning MMA fighters and Boxers, as well as, often been asked to demonstrate, present, teach and judge at fighting events, martial arts seminars and gatherings in various places around the world.
Extreme Directness in Technique, Energy and Positioning are some of the main staples in DTE where Less used effectively is definitely More. As well, Master Torres teaches his students that transitioning ranges, rather it be from kicking to empty hands, to the clinch, to grappling, should be done seamlessly with no gaps, putting one into the best position. This, along with the power and speed that is inherently developed in the DTE training will leave little for one’s opponent to counter.
It has always been Master Torres’ belief that his system should be one that actually shows his students how to effectively defend themselves against a real world assailant that may very well have better skills or health than the student. He also believes that each student is an individual and that it is his job or calling is to help the student to find and bring out his or her personal ability or flavor so that the student can become the best that he or she can be. His motto being… “Turning Students Into Leaders”.
Master Torres is based in Arizona and has multiple instructors representing DTE throughout the US, including Arizona, California and North Carolina, as well as, abroad.