Defensive Tactics

In DTE our Defensive Tactics for LEO’s is designed to help police survive violent encounters. Officers face several unique challenges; they must constantly evaluate the use of force continuum, civil liability and other factors while trying to ensure they make it home to their families. Police officers may have to defend themselves while wearing gear (utility belt, boots, body armor, chest rig), gear that would make many martial art techniques difficult or impossible to use. In DTE our police tactics focus on overcoming these obstacles while focusing on officer safety.

In DTE we will help you improve your techniques in areas such as;

  • Weapon retention and creating space to deploy a weapon
  • Weapon deployment while grappling or grounded
  • Disarming and restraining an assailant with a sharp object 
  • Countering joint locks, grabs, punches, kicks and choking 
  • Surviving attacks from Multiple attackers 
  • Countering improvised weapon attacks (broken bottles, pens/pencils, screw driver and other tools, etc.) 
  • Surviving attacks in confined spaces (automobile, bathroom stall, stairwell etc.)  

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