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Combatives Class

DTE MMA Combatives class is designed to blend together the key aspects of many martial arts in a direct, efficient and effective way. Much like MMA competition classes, DTE Combatives curriculum draws from Judo, Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, boxing and Muay Thai. Unlike most MMA classes, DTE Combatives is not taught with competition or rules in mind. Additionally, DTE Combatives program includes weapons based arts, primarily the Filipino arts of Eskrima and Kali.

Whether a beginner or experienced martial artist, students immediately begin to learn the use of, and defense against, both edged and impact weapons. This teaches students to evaluate all techniques from the point of view that a weapon may be used in an attack. This is essential to understanding DTE concepts, because when weapons like a knife, stick, broken bottle, screw driver or any other weapon are used, we must adjust our grappling and our striking. Techniques from thai kick boxing, western wrestling, jiu jitsu, and so on must be altered to fit a scenario where weapons or multiple attackers might be present. 
Chief Instructor Martin Torres has over 30 years experience teaching and training athletes competing in kick boxing, boxing, grappling and MMA competitions. He has also taught military, police and private contractors.  He wrestled in high school, is a Judo and jiu Jitsu black belt, has over 20 years competing and training as a boxer and kick boxer, and has studied self defense and weapons based arts including Eskrima for over 30 years.